Executive Briefings

Data-Driven Marketing (DDM) – Two Executive Briefing Programs for respectively Brands and Agencies

‘Why data is central for marketing in the future – How to redefine, collaborate, and innovate in the world of modern marketing’

The Data-Driven Marketing Alliance is a pan-European industry-led alliance which enables marketing professionals from agencies and brands to become better marketers. Its aim is to demystify new marketing technology and embraces best practices in marketing innovation. Insight is gained why data is central for marketing in the future.

Through our briefing program we work with executives of brands and agencies to propose DDM solutions for their most pressing challenges and next-step innovations. We want to help them gain insight how to develop applications and experiences that excite and engage their customers.

We want to lead them on a path to opening up new market opportunities for their business. So let’s strategize together in an Executive Briefing.

Our DDM Executive Briefing puts you at the center with you in mind—where we can discuss turning market opportunities into realties. At a DDM Executive Briefing, expect a customized agenda designed around Brands or Agencies and their business needs. The executives and technology experts from our partners will customize discussions around any number of topics.

Please notify your account representative of your interest in an Executive Briefing, along with proposed dates, and we’ll take care of the rest. We look forward to your visit.

The DDM Executive Briefings will be organised in a number of European cities, in partnership with local and national industry organisations. The ultimate goal of the Executive Briefing Program is to provide an unsurpassed customer informational experience.

The DDM Executive Briefing program is an exclusive and closed-door event, designed for seasoned communications professionals from big brands, with big responsibilities. And for similar professionals from agencies.

Both strategic and practical, each DDM Executive Briefing offers an eye-opening and comprehensive half-day programme, featuring a range of panel discussions, break-out sessions and case studies. Share ideas, participate, network and learn in this definitive meeting of minds for communications leaders.

The DDM Executive Briefings are by invitation only.

Advertisers Agencies
London January 27 lunch session January 28 lunch session
Dusseldorf March 23 morning March 23 afternoon